BOOK-ROOM: information re-embodied, or the snake biting its own tail

Location: Postsparkasse/GCP - SR 35, Tiefparterre

Durational Performance, 29 June 2024, 15.00 to 17.00

This is a performative installation revolving around a surplus of data that urgently needs to be digested: an experiment about the ‘long time’ of reading, as antidote to the rewriting of history; a performance-apparatus that hijacks symbols and generates all sorts of dreams. Will we manage to read each other? Developed as part of the Digitally compatible body-based performance seminar, under the direction of Marie-Claude Poulin. Durational performance, visit at any time during the 15.00 – 17.00 time slot.

Mahdi Bakhshi, Meta Kuzmany, Joannis Murböck, David Obradovic, Charles-Auguste Poulet