The Department of Digitale Kunst

Our department is an open platform and a safe-enough space for experimenting with digital media in an artistic context. We offer customizable spaces, state-of-the-art technical equipment, passionate people and inclusive access to new worlds and realities. We do art, basic research, aesthetic and technology development, social and political experiments and action. Present and future facets of art, entertainment and science are imagined, discussed and applied. We value collaboration, communication, divergence, risk-taking and openness. We are hyper-contemporary in all aspects.


Your digital portfolio gives us a glimpse into your artistic practice and your world. Send us concepts, sketches and works in progress, documentations and your public social media accounts. Write us in brief about your experiences, experiments, your personal approaches, struggles and obsessions, your idols, scenes and media, and why you want to study at the department of Digital Kunst. Applications from groups & collectives are welcome. Media, formats as well as forms of documentation are optional, the only condition is that your portfolio is submitted digitally and includes a short CV and a photo of you.

The process

  1. you submit your portfolio
  2. you get admitted to the entrance exam
  3. the practical part of the admission test takes place over 3 days
  4. final interview


15 January 2025 – 29 January 2025 Online registration and portfolio upload

24 Febuary 2025 and 07 March 2025 Examination week (exact times to follow; exam will be online)

14 March 2025 Announcement of admitted applicants

Portfolio preparation sessions are in the fall of 2024, dates TBA.

We are happy to have you :)